Case Studies

Customer Stories

Freedom One Life

In 2019 Freedom One Life joined the SOLIDWORKS Startups Program. Freedom One Life are disrupting the powered wheelchair market with the Series 5.

The journey designing the Series 5 required the use of SOLIDWORKS to create concepts, validate designs and finally design parts and assemblies for manufacture.

Watch our video to learn how TMS CADCentre and the SOLIDWORKS Startups Program helped Freedom One Life disrupt the power wheelchair market from design to development.

Allied Vehicles

Allied Vehicles Group was established in 1993 and has grown consistently to become the UK’s leading supplier of adapted and special purpose vehicles.

Allied Vehicles have been a TMS customer for over 10 years. They use the SOLIDWORKS PDM System which works very well for revision control ensuring that everything is locked down. SOLIDWORKS has a plug-in which allows them to create models up in sheet metal work, and then flatten them down so they can send that information and the drawings to their pre-production department which laser cuts all the metal work. 

Watch our video to discover how Allied Vehicles uses SOLIDWORKS to convert vehicles to be wheelchair accessible.

Customer Testimonials

CREO Engineering Solutions

CREO Engineering Solutions specialise in the design, development, prototyping and manufacture of precision engineered components and equipment.

Learn how the SOLIDWORKS Startups Program helped CREO Engineering improve speed to market during a global pandemic.

Shakey Robotics

Shakey Robotics is a Scottish based environmental technology company, creating innovative autonomous robotic solutions at the cutting edge of marine subsea observation.

Learn how the SOLIDWORKS Startups Program helped Shakey Robotics design and create an artificially intelligent whale calf.


As part of our partnership with the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) we provide SOLIDWORKS Advanced Training Courses. The team at the AFRC are looking forward to putting all their new learnings into practice.