Data Management

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management


Included with the SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Professional design packages, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard software helps individuals and small workgroups manage projects and control their design revisions.

The simplified data vault provides file security with little IT support, and tight integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD software reduces the user learning curve. Advanced search, notifications, and secure file access increase productivity across your entire design group.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Product Data Management is a full-featured data management solution for any size organization. A data vault powered by Microsoft SQL guarantees all information is securely stored and indexed for fast retrieval by authorized users within your company.

Easy to implement and fully customizable, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional efficiently guides your product teams through your development processes, ensuring people have access to the right information at the right time. 

Optimising PDM Storage

Have you started to run out of storage on your PDM server and wished there was a solution that didn’t involve just deleting a bunch of work?

If so, this webinar will help you resolve the issue without the need to delete files by looking at various options including;

  • Expanding your Storage
  • Moving/Splitting your PDM Archive
  • Cold Storage