Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium 3D CAD Design software bolsters the depth of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional with additional capabilities, including a powerful set of tools for simulating non linear and dynamic response as well as composite materials. Dynamic loading is also fully supported.  SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium provides valuable insight to improve product reliability in the most cost effective manner.

Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional 3D CAD Design Software expands your virtual testing environment. You can determine product durability and natural frequencies and test heat transfer and buckling instabilities. Pressure vessel analysis and complex loading is also supported.


Simulation Standard

Enable every designer and engineer to simulate and analyze design performance with fast, easy-to-use SolidWorks Simulation CAD-embedded analysis solutions.

You can quickly carry out design validation and easily employ advanced simulation techniques to optimize performance while you design with capabilities that cut down on costly prototypes, eliminate rework and delays, and save you time and development.

Flow Simulation

3D CAD Design Software takes the complexity out of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). You can quickly and easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to the success of your design. Simulate liquid and gas flow in real world conditions, run “what if” scenarios, and quickly analyze the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related forces on immersed or surrounding components.

Design variations can be compared to make better decisions, resulting in products with superior performance. Specific modules within SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation simplify the specialized analysis of HVAC and electronic cooling.


SOLIDWORKS Plastics 3D CAD Design Software simulates how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process to predict manufacturing-related defects on parts and molds.  A Results Adviser provides troubleshooting steps and practical design advice to help diagnose and solve potential problems. The package is available in three versions - SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard, Professional and Premium.


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