Revit to AEC Collection

Reasons to upgrade from Revit to the AEC Collection

Are you using Revit within your Architecture, Engineering or Construction firm?  Moving to an AEC Collection can help you enhance your workflows to grow your current BIM capabilities.

We will be hosting a webinar to demonstrate how Revit Full Version integrates within the AEC Collection of 20+ software packages for added workflow benefits, we will also demonstrate how the additional software within the AEC Collection supports more efficient workflows beyond Revit.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Use the AEC Collection across your company network extend your workflows beyond Revit.
  • See the additional products conceptual modelling, energy analysis, construction coordination, visualisation, infrastructure modelling and much more.
  • Communicate design intent with photorealistic materials through various rendering options. Analyse your design across all disciplines.
Autodesk cityscape image
  • Get value from the embedded information in your building elements and control how your drawings are presented.
  • Collaborate within your own office amongst colleagues or remote staff and consultants.
  • Automate information in your design process to increase productivity and bring more time to focus on more projects.

Reasons to upgrade from Revit webinar

  • In just 30 minutes discover how Revit integrates with the AEC Collection
  • Get tips and advice from our AEC Collection expert Jonathan Reinhardt