Sage 200 Manufacturing is an additional set of modules for Sage 200, incorporating Bills of Materials, Estimating, MRP and Works Order Processing. An optional Shop Floor Data Collection module can also be added.

Fully utilised, the module will allow you to create & cost bills of materials (with both material & labour/machine costing & no limit to the tiering of sub-assemblies) create & cost estimates (for job-shops) run MPR to make both make & buy recommendations (based on combination of actual orders, forecasts & safety stock levels); schedule production & materials using either rough cut or detailed production planner; and record manufacture in real time by issuing materials & recording labour/machine time to works orders.

Provides full stock item traceability can track components from purchase right through to finished manufactured items (with finished items able to be assigned either individual serial numbers or batch numbers).

Bill of Materials

Bills of Materials allows the creation of multi-tier Bills of Materials. BOMs are created with both for material/component usage, and labour/machine/tooling time. For labour/machine time, both set-up and runtime operations can be added – thus giving accurate costings over various run quantities.

Full revision control is included, so you can track changes through BOM revisions. Included in the BOM module is the ability to accurately cost your BOMs, trial kittings and maximum build enquiries; plus maintenance routines such as the ability to swap out a component across multiple BOMs.

Optional integration is available for SOLIDWORKS design software so you can export drawings from SOLIDWORKS into Sage 200 as a BOM. This intelligent integration will identify any components in the SOLIDWORKS drawing that don’t yet exist in Sage 200 & allow you to quickly & easily create them (or map them to items that do exist in Sage 200) and supports revision control such that update of a drawing that already exists in Sage as a BOM will result in a new revision being created in Sage 200.


The MRP module will analyse all demand for materials including existing sales orders and works orders, sales forecasts, and minimum/safety stock levels and generate a list of suggested purchase orders and suggested works orders. Component item supplier’s lead time and manufactured item build times are considered so that each recommendation also has a recommended date for raising the order.

It’s a hugely configurable module allowing you to toggle settings such as stock location hierarchy (i.e. which stock locations should components be picked from / ordered to) minimum order quantities; safety buffers (i.e. bringing each recommendation forward by X days) and over-ordering (whether ordering more to fulfil a short-term need when open order will already take you to max)

The Planning and MRP module also has a resource and capacity planning function that includes the creation of a daily/weekly graphical schedule for labour and machine resources. This calendar view has a drag and drop interface, allowing you to adjust the production schedule by moving works orders and sub-assemblies in real time.

WorksOrder Processing

The Works Order Processing module will allow you to track your production in real time. Works Orders can be created either from a Bill of Materials or as an “Empty” works order for job shop / one-off manufacture. Component items can be allocated & issued to works orders (with full support of stock item traceability); and labour/machine time recorded (optionally with the SFDC module) allowing you to track status and cost of your works orders in real time. The cost of manufacture is booked to a WIP code and released as finished stock on completion of the Works Order (with “late” costs also supported – i.e. ability to complete & despatch an item for sale; and later true up costs with a late timesheet entry).

Additional features include the ability to create by-products to enable back-flushing and a roll back feature that will allow finished items to be rolled back to their respective parts (which can be used both simply for error correction; and also for repair/disassembly style WOs).

Shop Floor Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture is an optional module that will work with Works Order Processing. It will run on any Android or Window 10 device and gives you the ability to start/stop recording of time on any operation using a handheld device – with times recorded feeding directly back to Works Orders.

Scanning on / off can be done via selecting from a drop-down of open works orders – or else you have the option of printing route cards for each order with barcodes for each operation, so you can them simply scan on & off an operation by scanning the barcode.