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TMS Sage Enhancements

We are a Sage Accredited Developer and have a team of expert software developers who have the knowledge, skills are experience to customise your Sage 200 software, allowing us to customise the software to fit your exact business needs and integrate with your processes.

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Dashboards & Reporting

As Sage Accredited Developers we offer TMS Tailored Reporting to help you get more out of your Sage products.

It's critical for your business to be able to extract the right information from your ERP system at the right time, in an easy way. We have Reporting and Dashboard tools for Sage that will let you create dynamic reports and dashboards of your Sage data.


Sage 200 Manufacturing is an additional set of modules for Sage 200, incorporating Bills of Materials, Estimating, MRP and Works Order Processing. An optional Shop Floor Data Collection module can also be added.

Fully utilised, the module will allow you to create and cost bills of materials (with both material and labour/machine costing and no limit to the tiering of sub-assemblies) create and cost estimates (for job-shops) run MPR to make both make and buy recommendations (based on combination of actual orders, forecasts and safety stock levels), schedule production & materials using either rough cut or detailed production planner and record manufacture in real time by issuing materials and recording labour/machine time to works orders.


TMS Contract Costing provides an unparalleled level of control over every aspect of contract management from sub-contractors to main contractors, budgeting and purchasing, through to valuations and billing, giving you all the information you need to run your construction projects on time and under budget.

Integrating with either Sage 200 or Sage 50 Accounts, it is a truly comprehensive solution where payments, receipts, retentions, cashflow and management reporting are all controlled from within Contract Costing, to give you a central place to manage your contracts. Ease of use coupled with some of the most powerful reporting tools available will transform the management of your contracts.

Web Authorisation Workflows

Sicon WAP is a web and mobile app based application that allows approval workflows to be created for Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Invoices, Timesheets, Expense Claims, Holiday Requests, and Sales Orders. Additionally it allows creation of simple approval workflows for creation of new customer or supplier accounts, and new stock item cards.

Hugely configurable approval matrices can be created with each request able to be sent down a different approval route based on any combination of value, requesting user, nominal code, project/job, and whether nominal code (or project) is over budget.

Handhelds & Barcoding

Sage 200 has a powerful stock control module supporting multiple stock locations and stock item traceability. This fully integrates with the order processing, bill of materials, manufacturing and project/job costing modules. By default all stock movement transactions must be done within the Sage 200 application (i.e. requires a user to be at a PC & signed into Sage in order to be to post the transaction).

Anyone dealing with stock should consider adding a handheld/barcoding app. This will allow all stock movements (such as receipting POs, performing a stock take; transferring stock between bin locations; issuing components to works orders; despatching sales order, etc.) to be performed on a handheld app. The app will immediately, in real time, update stock levels in Sage.

Document Management

Cut back on physical paper storage and improve the efficiency of your business by attaching all your documentation directly into Sage 200.

We offer a fully customisable document management module for Sage 200 that allows you to create your own document types and set rules around what documents are to be attached.

Document Automation

Streamline your purchase invoice process with Sicon Document Automation. This module uses advanced OCR technology to read and extract data from supplier invoices, to allow these to be automatically processed in Sage 200. 

The automated process will allow supplier invoices to be uploaded into Sage200 via a custom set email address. When the full automation is enabled, invoices will be matched to purchases orders, as required, and entries posted to the relevant supplier and nominal accounts automatically.

EPOS / Webshop Integration

For those in a retail environment, we have a feature rich, modern EPoS solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage 200 – Elite POS. Elite POS extracts sales ledger information, product details, stock levels and pricing from Sage 200 and synchronises with the tils. Importantly, integration is near real-time (rather than end of day batch processing), therefore POS transactional detail is available in Sage 200 almost immediately.

Elite EPoS is able to carry out sales/refunds, make enquiries on customer accounts or products, take payments on account, create new accounts and many other actions. The system can be configured to individual customer requirements that match your Sage 200 rules, such as utilising costs centres and departments (for tills/branches), full support for the comprehensive Price Book, as well as stock features such as multiple locations, units of measure serial number and batch tracking.


Sicon CRM is a highly functional CRM solution for company, contact, case, opportunity, tasks, notes and reminders all fully integrated with Sage 200. Including customer classification, opportunity management with sales territories, targets and dashboards, case management with tracking workflow, customer drop-off alerts and outlook style pop-up reminders. 

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