IT Security

Layered Security Service

It’s important that you create multiple layers of security within your IT system to minimise the probability of suffering an attack from cyber criminals or other destructive parties. No-one can claim to give 100% protection, but following a series of defence strategies will give you peace of mind that you’ve minimised the risk. It is simple to say, but not so easy to do especially if you have little IT knowledge and minimal IT services within your company. Let us set up your IT Security leaving you to run your business whilst we protect your systems.

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Email Security

We recommend that customers have their incoming and outgoing email scanned for virus, spam or malware infections prior to being delivered to each users personal mail box. This minimises the possibility of a virus or other disruptive elements entering the business via the email system.

Our Email Protection Service provides customers with a fully robust defence against email attacks as well as filtering out spam or other undesirable email messages. The email protection system includes an secure, tamperproof online archive of every message sent and received from the customer. This provides an additional level of security if the need arises to provide legal proof of messages that were sent/received by the customer.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) is a method of protecting and managing mobile devices and the information stored within. MDM helps overcome many challenges Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies present organisations by segregating personal and company information. Encryption scrambles the contents of the device, making it unreadable and passcode policies deny entry to the device to unknowns. Remote management and encryption tools allow lost or stolen devices to be wiped, removing important information.

Perimeter Security

Our team of specialists configure and manage perimeter security ensuring your company network is properly secured at the point it meets the internet.

We monitor your servers looking for large numbers of failed login attempts – normally a sure sign of hackers trying to access your system. Every computer and user on a windows network creates login
requests every time they try to access a server resource, as a result this check can also help us to identify a faulty device as well as genuine attempts to hack into your system.

Identity Access Management

We partner with trusted IAM providers who offer a diverse range of products from single sign-on (SSO), password management and multi-factor authentication solutions.

Insider Threat Detection

Advanced insider threat detection software constantly monitors your network for instances of unusual behaviour such as the copying and removal of intellectual property.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security enables your organisation to support remote working, letting teams access the company network from home, client sites or other remote locations securely and with confidence.

Content Security

Content security includes tools, policies and techniques that are designed to restrict users from accessing potentially harmful content while using company devices or within the company network.