IT Projects

Office Moves

Our efficient office moves service is ideal for clients who need their IT estate relocated. Our team of project engineers will move your IT infrastructure with minimal disruption to your business. We’ll plan your power points, workstations and install your internet.

System Design

System design is a core feature of our IT projects & installations service. Our team of project engineers can help if you're relocating to new premises or looking to install a new technology infrastructure.

Cabling & Infrastructure

We design, implement and install cabling systems using only the leading manufacturers products available. Whether it's for a small office or a large call centre we implement the system with the same care and workmanship. Our cabling systems are warranted to be fault free and are tested to the relevant industry standards. Upon completion each system is tested using state of the art fluke DTX calibrated testing equipment.

Data Migration

We use industry-standard data migration tools and software to maintain maximum efficiency and accuracy during the migration process. There will be a need to archive some older information, while other data will remain on the live system.

Equipment Recycling

We offer computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet recycling and data destruction services. We securely wipe all drives and document all recycled equipment and, if possible, try to give it a new lease of life.


IT Procurement

Our IT Procurement service saves you time, money and effort. We source all the hardware and software to suit your business needs.

Benefits of using our service include:

  • saves you time and effort
  • we have established reltaionships with vendors
  • we deliver directly to your site

Resource On Demand

Resource on-demand is a flexible service designed to give your in-house IT team extra help when you need it most. Where possible, we work closely in collaboration with our customers' internal IT resources for those without in-house IT we can offer a complete IT outsourcing service.

Server Virtualisation

Every customer gets a minimum of 2 dedicated virtual servers (a Domain Controller and a Remote Desktop Server) and this is easily scalable as a customer grows. Customers with more intense application processing requirements can opt to go with our 3-server configuration: A Domain Controller, a Remote Desktop Server and a dedicated Application Server.

All our servers can be upgraded to the customers’ requirements, whether that is disk space, RAM or even additional virtual servers. Customers can treat the server as their own, so that if they have any other software that is required by their business, this can also be installed in the hosted environment.