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11 November 2020

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September 2020

August 2020

Construction Lockdown Surge

Lockdown has seen a surge in construction companies evaluating their old, legacy systems and realising that many aren’t fit for purpose, especially with lots of people having to work from home. Customers are using lockdown to get new systems and processes in place and TMS has seen a corresponding increase in demand for their latest offering of Contract Costing in a hosted environment.

July 2020

Contract Costing Goods Received App Advanced Preview

As part of the future development of the Elite Contract Costing next generation version, the development team will also be working on various mobile/web apps to allow your business to become more flexible with remote and/or site working. The image shows what our new Goods Received app looks like when running on a tablet or mobile phone but it can of course be used on any modern web browser.

July 2020

Contract Costing Dasboard screenshot

Contract Costing Dashboards Preview

As part of the forthcoming, next generation version of Elite Contract Costing, the development team have been working hard with our construction industry specialists on designing new interactive dashboards throughout the new system.
The above screenshot shows our 'Outstanding Purchase Orders' dashboard, including committed costs, goods ordered not received, goods received not invoiced as well as equivalent views for purchase returns, plant hire and additionally Subcontractor committed costs for a complete picture.

May 2020

Document Management screenshot

Contract Costing Document Management Released

Designed specifically to integrate with Microsoft Outlook®, Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® desktop products, Contract Costing Document Management provides seamless integration with all key Contract Costing data, including Jobs, Customers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Employees, Stock and Assets. This allows documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails (incoming or outgoing) and email attachments to be stored in preconfigured file system locations and linked to all relevant Contract Costing entities.

April 2020

New employee - Neil Johnson

We are delighted to announce that we have a new employee starting with the Elite team on the 1st April 2020. Neil Johnson will be working out of the Newcastle area and has come on board to drive our Elite Contract Costing software throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Neil has huge experience in both the construction industry and with Contract Costing specifically. 



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