Revit Structure Essentials 1 Training Course

Revit Structure Essentials 1 Training Course

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Revit Structure Essentials 1 Training Course


Learn the concepts and principles of creating 3D parametric structural models from design through to construction documentation.

Course Objective

To teach users how to create, document, and utilise a parametric structural model. The examples and practices are designed to take you through the basics of a full structural project from linking in an architectural model to construction documents.

Course Outline

  • Module 00 Revit in a Nutshell
  • Module 01 Introduction to the Principles of BIM
  • Module 02 UI Tour, Project Navigation and View Creation
  • Module 03 Element Selection and Manipulation
  • Module 04 Visibility Control and Categorisation
  • Module 05 Model Development Methodology
  • Module 06 Establishing a project
  • Module 07 Modelling Basics – Walls, Columns Beams and Bracing
  • Module 08 Foundations and Piling
  • Module 09 System Family Editing
  • Module 10 Basic Schedules and Legends
  • Module 11 Geometry Formation and In-Place Families
  • Module 12 Slab and Roof Tools
  • Module 13 Stairs Ramps and Railings
  • Module 14 Beam and Truss Systems
  • Module 15 Construction Sequencing (Phasing)
  • Module 16 2D Draughting and Annotation
  • Module 17 Sheet Compilation and Publication
  • Module 18 Basic Subdivision and Collaboration
  • Module 19 Introduction to the Principles of Family Editing
  • Module 20 Considering options and alternatives.