AEC Sustainability

The world demands new ways of living, working, designing, and making. Discover the trends and technology driving sustainability in AEC.

Green building will revolutionise your business. 

Get the industry view on the drivers behind green building, see what your peers are planning, and find out how to stand out from the competition, all in one report.

Explore the 2021 World Green Building Trends report based on surveys of more than 1,200 AEC professionals worldwide and discover why green building is becoming the new norm.

Climate change knows no boundaries.

Leading engineering firms call for policy makers to be bold and set lofty goals. The technology to tackle sustainability challenges exists; we just need to scale it.


Reduce construction emissions with the embodied carbon calculator

Compare the carbon intensity of materials quickly and easily with the free embodied carbon calculator and make informed material choices.

The firms embracing sustainability

Model-based collaboration helps hospital safely operate helipad just 30 feet from construction cranes.

Save with net-zero solutions

D/P/S saves a client $2.5 million over a 30-year period with net-zero building solutions using Revit and Insight. Read the case study to find out how.

BIM technology supports resilient water systems

See how Arcadis saved 1,000 design hours and transformed project connectivity with cloud collaboration and BIM throughout the project lifecycle.

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